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Our goal is to provide each of our clients with services that allow them to focus on making their business better, run more efficiently and become more profitable.

Grow Your Business More Quickly than Imagined

Our wide range of services is fully customizable and cost-effective, helping many companies achieve greater sales and more satisfied clients.

Our teams are experts in their core function, like accounting, marketing, recruitment, and compliance, as well as Staffing and PEO. We utilize top technologies to deliver efficient, expedited, quality results.

By offering, a seamless, industry-specific, customized back-office solution, our clients focus on what they are good at – recruiting, sales, and client relationship management - knowing they have our support which significantly improves their chance of success.

Whether you need many or just one, long-term or short, our support model allows you to fit the solution to your business needs and cost constraints. You maintain complete control and direction of your company, but no longer need to worry about those activities that tend to take so much of business owners' time and most often, not in their core area of expertise.

We work with you to build a tailored package that allows you to focus on your areas of expertise and allows us to focus on ours.


Gain a vital business advantage with our back-office services, made specifically for your business. 

Our Approach

Assess Business Needs & Define Scope

Before we start each engagement, we begin by learning more about your business today, clearly define your goals and tasks to be outsourced. Not all companies know what they need, so we offer business assessments to help you identify key areas, prioritize and define your needs.


Design Custom Solution

We create a customized solution that clearly defines what we will do, when/how we will do it, and for how much.




We create custom implementation plans and timeline that includes: discovery, custom design, testing, and training.



Ongoing Delivery and Support  

Though our delivery and support model will vary based on your solution.



Business Reviews

We provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, with regularly agreed upon reviews, to ensure you have complete visibility to our work, so we can adjust and modify if needed.

Recruitment & Onboarding 

Our goal is to provide each of our clients with services that allow them to focus on making their business better, run more efficiently and become more profitable.

Formerly, known as C.O. Jones Consulting, specializing in Staffing and PEO industry firms fulfill their hiring needs through our recruitment, screening, hiring, and onboarding services.

Process Assessment, Optimization & Documentation

Whether you need process re-engineering or simply documentation, we work with you to understand what you consider your competitive advantage and differentiation. Do you have a unique staffing or PEO delivery model? Is quality a main driver? Is it cost? Or perhaps it is speed?


Our approach is to provide end-to-end assessment, process design or re-design, and/or documentation, in areas like:

  • End-to-end sales and recruitment methodologies and tools

  • SOP Manuals

  • Training Manuals

  • Safety Manuals

  • Employment Agreements

  • Job Descriptions

  • Client Review Templates

  • RFP/RFQ Responses

  • Others as requested


As part of our technology solution, we can provide a full-service help desk, with computer hardware, software configuration, and a robust phone system.

Also, you can use our preferred staffing industry specific CRM and ATS tools or we can help you select one and can lead the implementation including configuration, deployment, data collection, training, and ongoing support.


We often assume when we train our staff on proper procedures, they follow the steps you’ve asked them to follow. However, our experience shows that when people are busy, they take shortcuts.

Compliance is complex. It includes everything from following client specific needs like proper rates, screenings, and invoicing procedures to employment, compensation, and legal regulations that vary from town to town can give a business owner reasons to pause.


An effective marketing and social media strategy and execution plan has become a key factor to increasing sales and recruitment success of every small PEO and staffing industry business.

We offer many ways to help you grow your business, including website development and management; logo and brand development; a communication library; job postings; and establishing a social media presence on LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

Strategic Services

Growth consulting, business model planning, organizational design and restructuring.

We can help!

  • Recruitment Process Improvement

  • Employee Retention

  • Decreasing Operating Costs

  • Increasing Profitability

  • Increasing Margins

  • Creating a Safety Culture


From invoicing, accounts payable and receivable management, debt collection, and more, our financial team’s knowledge gained from education and experience help you achieve error-free financial reports, timely payroll, and seamless financial management.

Computer Office Work


Commercial insurance packages, such as general liability, professional liability, crime & employee dishonesty, employment practice liabilities, workers’ compensation options, and ACA compliant benefit options are all available through working with our organization.


Access to competitive working capital solutions and payroll funding is available.

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