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Why Choose Resolute

Outsourcing some or all your back office needs to Resolute, will help you grow your business faster and operate for efficiently and more profitability. It will allow you to compete with large firms without having to invest significant money in building the expertise to delivery all the services that go with running a staffing or PEO company.


More time to focus on your core competencies.  Every business has limited resources, no matter how large or small, and every employee has limited time. Outsourcing can help your business focus on mastering the selling and delivering of staffing and PEO services to your clients, while leaving these essential, but non-core functions to a company like Resolute.  


Compete with the “big” firms and deliver like them. Without investing the time or expense to build expertise in all areas required to run your business, outsourcing gives you the same access to expertise, efficiencies, and economies of scale as large organizations without the price tag.


Save money. By converting fixed costs required to build, house, and employee a qualified back office into variable costs, you have more capital for other areas of your business.


Operational efficiencies and expertise. With outsourcing, you have experts with developed, proven processes from day one, allowing you to realized significant results immediately which would take a much longer time to build.  


Risk mitigation. While it is hard for a small team to keep up with everything that creates risk for your company, our team provides expertise and guidance, from understanding local, state and federal employment and tax laws, having safety practices in place to minimize workers’ compensation exposure, and all the efforts that go into ensuring available funds when needed and so much more.

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