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Fractional Support

Whether covering a leave of absence or helping with a major project, we can provide interim professional on an as-needed basis for any length of time.

What is Fractional Support

A Fractional employee is one who divides their work week among multiple employers. Usually, the time is defined such as two days at one company and three days at another.  You only pay for a fraction of the professional’s time and, obviously, pay a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time employee.

When Should You Utilize Fractional Support

Hiring a Fractional Support professional is ideal when your business is in need of an ongoing service, but the time someone will dedicate for that service doesn’t justify the hiring of a full-time employee. A fractional employee or team becomes part of your organization, for a contracted number of hours per week, days or month.

Benefits of Fractional Hiring

Fractional hiring is particularly useful for growing businesses that would not be able to grow/accomplish a task without seasoned, experienced help. Fractional hiring can help your organization in many ways.  For a variety of functions and roles (including mid-senior roles in accounting, finance, marketing, sales, project management, and others) a fractional solution can offer a way for a business to access additional capability at a lower total cost than bringing on a full-time employee.

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